Third Eye Over Iowa was a paranormal and fortean parody magazine published in the late 90's. It ceased publication in the Spring of 1999 and attempted to become an online edition, but it was not to be.

The MagazineEdit


Third Eye Over Iowa Logo

Third Eye Over Iowa was the idea of Todd Ristau. He was assisted in the project by his long time friend Vernon Trollinger, who had experience publishing small publications. Together the set up and created the idea of a magazine that presented itself as completely real, but was in truth utter nonsense. It was completely designed in a fun and light hearted way so it would not be taken seriously. They added the tag-line 'BELIEVE AT YOUR OWN RISK!' to the magazine, which many chose to follow. It was released in May of 1996 to a massive audience of around twenty-five people. Most of these recipients were friends and family of Ristau. They doubled subscriptions in a years time, which was just enough to pay the printing costs of such a small publication and managed to keep it going with new and wackier content. All of this came about when the X-Files was storming across the Television and people were discovering the World Wide Web for the first time. The 'zine had a niche, and with so many conspiracy theorists taking ahold of every theory available to them, it was able to exploit these conspiracy theories and gain a cult following. Many people did not read the fine print, nor take caution at the slightest, and more than one person was fooled into believing we were at war with unseen aliens in the heartland of America. Ristau, Trollinger and Putnam set out to fool people, and they successfully did for a number of years. There were even reports that the writers were part of a massive government disinformation campaign, which they have denied completely. Ultimately the writers insist upon repeating what all good fact seekers should already know, and what in a strange way their hoaxing can teach.

  • Know your sources.
  • Trust but verify.
  • Believe at your own risk.

If you were fooled, so were many others over the years, including several professors. Which is what make the stories all that much more fascinating.

Why It DiedEdit

The main reason is lost of interest in most of the parties most likely. Contributors no longer had any good stories some claim, while others just blame the management. But mostly people just moved on to other things in their lives and like many small projects, this one fell to the side. Marriage, Careers and other assorted reasons led those who made it what it was, away from it entirely. There were attempts to revive the magazine as an online "zine", but they never fully materialized. They are not currently accepting submissions, but would-be hoax writers still try to submit to this day. It remains to be seen whether the zine will resurrect in some fashion.

The PeopleEdit

  • Todd Ristau - One of the original creators of Third Eye Over Iowa. In the 80's he was a tour guide to haunted locations in Iowa. He would go on to co-found the 'zine with several other interested writers and contributors. He has also called the writings of H.P. Lovecraft inspiration, and frequently used them as the basis for some of the tales. He is now currently working towards a career in the playwriting and performing field. He is also the founder of No Shame Theatre, a forum for theatrical experiments outside the academic arena where fear of a low mark would not keep anyone from attempting something new. This venue received national recognition when featured in the May 1990 issue of The Drama Review, and remains an institution at Iowa to this day. Over the years No Shame "graduates" have opened "franchise" No Shames all over the country and many who got their first production experience in that forum have gone on to professional careers in the theatre, film, and television.
  • Vernon Trollinger - One of the original creators and editors of Third Eye Over Iowa. He is a native of Wyomissing Hills, Pennsylvania and has BA's in Theatre Arts/Communications and in English from the University of Iowa. In 1986, he earned a Master of Arts in English from the Expository Writing Program at the University of Iowa. While living in Richmond, VA from 1989 to 1994, he took part in the Virginia Penitentiary Burials Excavation, the Virginia Penitentiary Excavation of the "Latrobe Arch", and excavations at the Tredegar Iron Works during its operation as "Valentine Riverside" by the Valentine Museum of Richmond, Va. Tredgar is now part of the National Park Service. He is also a member of the Press-Citizen's Writers Group.
  • Rich Putnam - Staff Writer and military and aviation authority. Served in US Air Force from 1977 to 1980. Attended University of Iowa 1982 - 1989. A prolific writer,perhaps best known for his epic about the 1947 "Roswell Incident",High Probability and the US Army Air Forces' subsequent coverup of flying saucers. A noted horseman and authority on military uniforms, presently he lives in exile in Nebraska where he commands his own Provisional Militia Company, and is currently cowriting a novella for young adults with Ms. A. West, entitled Brainstorm
  • Colonel Harrison Campbell, USA (Ret.) Third Eye's resident staff writer (currently on sabatical). Graduated from the US Military Academy in 1965. Served in Vietnam and with SOG on many highly classified operations, which he constantly alludes to in his stories and in private conversation. A controversial figure, to say the least, Colonel Campbell continually supplies the Third Eye Staff with highly classified information from his sources inside the US Military and Intelligence Communities. Considered by many to be a crackpot, and by his fellow writers as a maverick, he has nonetheless supplied the magazine with some thought-provoking material.
  • Hans Abbadon - Hans Abbadon is one of the co-founders of Third Eye Over Iowa. He also runs an online vampire RP game that has quite a few members. He is very reclusive, and presents himself online as an immortal vampire.
  • Sister Kasi - Third Eye Over Iowa Department Chief. Numinous Mystic Hierophant, aka: Jillith Nacknuster. Known as "Iowa's Sensuous Czech Visionary", and a possible (ex)girlfriend of Hans Abbadon. She was in charge of The Dark Powers/Miracles at the magazine. She also had her own column, giving advice to those attempting to pursue penetration into arcane avenues of understanding. Abaddon gave her the name Kasi, after a fabled priestess of an ancient god of death and decay.


Note: Almost every issue contained an article by Sister Kasi, a Czech Visionary.

Vol 3 #5 May '96

  • The Wolf-Boy of Humbug Town
  • Obscene Phone Calls Tied to Man in Coma
  • Tourists Terrified by Wiley Park Phantom
  • The Crawling Carrion of County Road Q
  • The Ghosts of Old Armory
  • The Dragonship in Lake MacBride
  • Angelic Conclave
  • Black Helicopter Update
  • Federal Troops in Jasper County
  • Two Scoops of Mystery
  • The Butt-Faced Boy
  • Giant Dodecahedrons Appear

Vol 3 #6 June '96

  • Third Eye Correspondent Missing in Mysterious Black 11
  • Carp Falls Baffle Residents
  • The Stench Pig of Jasper County
  • Ghouls Arrested in Oakland
  • State Health Inspector Indicts Family Business
  • Scientists Squabble Over Tissue Sample
  • The Wolves of Allamakee
  • Elm Springs Man Removes Cattle Warts By Magic
  • Is the U.S. Military Creating "Stealth" Tornadoes
  • The Murderous Scarecrows of Coffin's Grove
  • The Revenge of Mrs. Barbara Ellen
  • Saucergirl, UFO, & Heat Ray Point To Hot Summer
  • The Legend of the Werehog

Vol 3 #7 July '96

  • Is Hitler Locked In A Cell At Massaraty Asylum?
  • The Carnivorous Crawdads Of Cravenbrook Creek
  • Grandma Lima's Funeral
  • The Johnson County Vampires
  • Bloodsucking Ants Overrun Iowa Town
  • Eight Foot Owl Spotted In Masonic Grove
  • The Death Cow Attacks
  • Amos Dues' Home For Wayward Girls
  • Madness At Merkin Mill
  • Goat Sucker Seen In Buck Creek

Vol 3 #8 August '96

  • Could Your Migraine Really Be An Alien Implant?
  • Weird Noise On Cell Phone Identified As Missing Reporter
  • Paranormal Posttime
  • Peeler Varsity Baseball Team Suspended For Ritual Urine Baths
  • Hauntown's Grain Elevator Of Death
  • Ghost Witch
  • The Cursing Spot
  • Wapello Man Admits Faking Viking Runestone
  • Wreck On The Mississippi
  • The Putnam Parallelogram
  • Treaty With Elves Negotiated
  • The Winneshiek Photophage

Vol 3 #9 September '96

  • Wiley Park Revisited
  • Midlothian Beach Explodes in Flame
  • Quigly Rest Home & Cremetoria: Gateway to the Stars?
  • Boyscouts Attacked At Civil War Reenactment
  • Strange Evidence in Buffalo Fork
  • Zack Haney's Paranormal Portfolio File 317: Streepyville, August, 1996
  • The Beast Of Coalport
  • Are Aliens Mating With Tomatoes?
  • Life on Mars---The Iowa Connection
  • Study Shows Passive Heroine Addiction Increases Among Vampires
  • Atmospheric Oddity Seen In Hopkins Grove
  • Retiree Foretells Futures In Song
  • The Dayton Pesthouse Murders

Vol 3 #10 October '96

  • Special Edition Note
  • The Black Angel: Iowa City's Most Mysterious Monument
  • My Haunted Pontiac
  • Jim McClanahan's Highway to Hell
  • The Haunting of Currier Hall
  • The Phantom Brother
  • The Myrtle Avenue Entity
  • The Barn of Gatherings
  • The Oft-Doodled Skulls of Katherine S.
  • The Diltsville Poltergeist

Vol 3 #11 November '96

  • Black 11: Has The Government Consulted Aliens?
  • Herni Lemarchand's Fate Worse Than Death
  • Federal Troops Shoot Uncooperative Farmer
  • The Kossuth Giants
  • Boy Held in Sheep Attack Spree
  • Animal Oddities in Hopkins Grove
  • Remains of Two-Headed Man Unearthed
  • Iowa's Thunderbirds
  • The Stone From Beyond The Slavs
  • Corporate Grave Robbers From Canada
  • Nazi Enthusiast Annexs Small Town
  • Airforce Explains Giant Dodecahedrons

Vol 3 #12 December '96

  • "Deer Man" Causing Concern After Kent Deer Hunt
  • The Mysterious Objects of Herman Roberts
  • Manger Scene Comes Alive In Front Of House
  • Aztec Sacrifice in Black Hawk County
  • What Happened to Flopsy?
  • Podebrad Zoologists Search for Yeti
  • The Devil Went Down To Hopkins Grove
  • Are Wolves Culling Zoar's Pub Crawlers?
  • National Guard Ignores Student Protest
  • Water on the Moon
  • Lemuel Swain's Perfect Christmas
  • Amana Fairies
  • Fourteen Killed In "Cold-Snap" Violence

Vol 4 #1 January '97

  • Father Brown's Time Machine
  • The Mysterious Journey of Mr. & Mrs. Wheeler
  • Mutant Fish Discovered
  • The Lee County Yeti
  • Five Arrested in Ghoulish Feast Vanish From County Lock-up
  • Man Killed By Giant Get-Well Card
  • Iowa's Manure Lagoons: Untapped Fountain of Youth?
  • The Men in Black Come to Putnam
  • Mysterious Statue Discovered
  • The Ghost Girl of Gandy Town
  • Why Are Druids Running A Small Iowa Town?

Vol 4 #2 Febuary '97

  • Area Black 11 Mysteriously Clears
  • The Men In Black Return: Cover-Up By Aliens For Aliens?
  • U.S. Dept. Of Defense Mum Over Excercise In Downsville
  • "Hole" Discovered In Mississippi Riverbed
  • Will Comet Hale-Bopp Collide With Midwestern United States?
  • The Rantings Of Joseph Doan
  • What Is Wrong With The Crows In Iowa City?
  • Ritualistic Grave Desecration Disturbs Residents
  • The Miraculous Disappearance Of Gramma Evans
  • Actions of State Troopers Under Investigation
  • Julie Petersen's Doppleganger
  • The Dogtown Devil Is Seen Again
  • Laneville's Gate To Hell

Vol 4 #3 March '97

  • Devil Dogs of Dubuque County
  • Circle of Doors: Gateway To Arcadia?
  • The Druids of Albaton
  • Iowa City Dumpster-Diver Bullied By Deer
  • The Fairfield Cat Murders
  • Downsville Militia Reports Wire Tap
  • The Pteranodons of Palo Alto County
  • The Black Cat Bane of Winneshiek County
  • Shot While Trying To Escape: Confederate Ghosts In Davenport
  • Iowa's Clandestine Cloning Ranches

Vol 4 #4 April '97

  • IUFORN's Midwest UFO Update
  • Assault Victim Survives In Meat Freezer
  • The Fate of Sunter's Warlock Militia
  • The Abduction Phenomena
  • "Space Jelly" Falls Near Hopkins Grove
  • University of EmmetsburgTeam Kidnapped?
  • Entrepreneur Sued For Claiming Soul
  • Unknown Naked Stalker Identified
  • Mysterious Objects Detected In Cedar River
  • The Psychic Meteor
  • Dr. Haliburton Establishes Pleiad Temple
  • The Invisible Man Of Johnson Co.
  • The Curse Of The 4th Iowa Mounted Rifles

Vol 4 #5 May '97

  • Ghost Hunters March On Haunted Sites
  • Greater Maple Ave Reich Supported Republic of Texas
  • The Man with Two Brains
  • Dancing Superheroes Foil Bank Robbery
  • Bremer County's Walpurgis Nacht Spectacle
  • Hypnotheraptist Offers Hope To Invisible
  • 1897: Airship Lands In Iowa
  • Increase in Iowa UFO Sightings
  • Exorcist Claims Black Helicopter Sighting
  • Mothers Day Not So Happy In Stumptown
  • Phantom Wanker Haunting U of E Library?
  • The Tombs of Munterville
  • Time For Lessons
  • Skin Writing Study Conducted At Tesla Labs

Vol 4 #6 June '97

  • Are We In Danger?
  • Staff Member's Spooky Sightings
  • Sex Magicians Tempt Ghosts From Their Graves
  • Haunted Armored Cruiser Receives NPS Grant
  • Carp Again Rain On Hopkins Grove
  • Wrath Of The Butt-Faced Boy
  • Madman Shot Assaulting Masonic Temple
  • The Haunting Of Hallmore
  • Robot Lawnmower Runs Amok
  • Grotesque Death Worries Nanson Residents
  • Mysterious Attacks Blamed on "Pteranodons"
  • Legendary Monster On Rampage
  • Father James Niccodemus Alcott, God's Mad Clown

Vol 4 #7 July '97

  • Missing Third Eye Reporter Found---Alive!
  • Arson Fires Delay Publication
  • Forty-Five Cattle Killed Mysteriously: Is Tesla Labs At Fault?
  • Doctor Haversham's Miracle Cures
  • Iowa's Roswell: The Wreck Of 1277
  • Reverse Audio Phenomenon: RAP
  • Letters From Gregory Wilhelm
  • Tornado Wrecks Truck, Spills Unusual Cargo
  • The Mystery of Iowa's Horse Tail Thefts
  • Vampire Cult Plagues Polk County
  • Staff Reporter Arrested On Drug Charges
  • The Ghastly Death Of Professor Noel Carlisle
  • Controversial Car Designed
  • Grisly Reenactment Aims At Tourist Dollars

Vol 4 #8 August '97

  • Col. Ardenti's Conspiracy Corner
  • Subscriber Destroys House
  • Abduction By UFO In Iowa City
  • Anomalous Meteorite Falls On Stelopolis
  • Abysmal Nightlife In Coffins Grove
  • Nanson Coroner's Hands Full
  • Curse On Stolen Fishing Tackle Kills Thief
  • Yeti-Tracking Device Recovers Patient
  • The Real ARP
  • Have Researchers Created Super AIDs?
  • Maple Avenue Reich Opens Camp
  • Genetically Engineered Foods
  • Early Iowa Colonized By Denizens Of A Jovian Moon

Vol 4 #9 September '97

  • Is Black 11 Still There?
  • UFO's and Bigfoot Sighted In Sioux City
  • Who Is Dr. Haversham?
  • Butter Elvis: Iowa's Butter Effigies
  • Downsville Militia Modernizes
  • Mummy's Tomb Found In Mansion Basement
  • Iowa City Woman Reports Haunted Microwave
  • Rogue Rover Recovered
  • Ball Lightning In Irish Grove
  • Bizarre Mirror Discovered In Attic
  • Rock Quarry Quarantined
  • Origin Of Two-Headed Giant Revealed

Vol 4 #10 October '97

  • ARP Makes Progress
  • Halloween Haunts In Iowa
  • More Cattle Dead, Operative Missing
  • Spontaneous Chicken Combustion?
  • "Sword Of Tamerlane" Mystery Clouds ROTC Appointment
  • New Bookstore Opens In Iowa City
  • Is Smackenhovel Hiding Dirty Secrets?
  • Attempt On Koppelmeister's Life
  • Howard Marley's Tiki
  • Black Helicopter Activity In Iowa City
  • Electronic Voice Phenomena
  • Teddy Watt's Dirty Little Pictures

Vol 4 #11 November '97

  • Teddy Bear Sentenced For Witchcraft
  • A Look At Galatians 4:16
  • Conspiracy In Emmetsburg
  • U-Boat Teleported To Five Island Lake, Pt. I
  • Report From IUFORN
  • Weather Postpones Children's Fest Four Times
  • The Johnson County Werewolves
  • Men In Black Exposed, Iowa's UFO Connection, Pt.I
  • These Birds Are Booze Hounds
  • Jack Yerby's Marshmallow Stonehenge

Vol 4 #12 December '97

  • Outer Space Sweatshops
  • Midwestern Fireball Still A Mystery
  • Men In Black Exposed, Part II
  • No Leads In Pig Mutilations
  • Spontaneous Combustion Case Linked To Exploding Fart
  • Woman Impaled On Tree
  • Raised by Squirrels, Iowa's Feral Children
  • Swan Lake Avengers Break Stand Off
  • Notes From Cooper's Tavern
  • The Black Angel's Thumb
  • U-Boat Teleported To Five Island Lake, Part II

Vol 5 #1 January '98

  • Burglars Steal Veterinary Drug
  • ARP Investigated Poltergeist
  • The Skunk River Mermaid
  • Emmetsburg UFO Crash Linked To "Roswell Incident"
  • The Pharaoh of Hauntown, pt. I
  • Col. Ardenti's Conspiracy Corner, II
  • IC Woman Channels Spirit
  • Jeff Hodson's Strange Invitation

Vol 5 #2 Febuary '98

  • What Is Going On At Aerodyne?
  • Military Testing Flying Saucer In Iowa
  • Phantom Wanker Returns
  • Caretaker Convicted Of Fraud
  • Strange Runic Chicken Tracks
  • Iowa's Toxic Teenager
  • Is Belief In God An Evolutionary Trait?
  • Do Dr. Haversham's Cures Kill?
  • The Pharaoh Of Hauntown, pt. II
  • Nunda Residents Complain Of Purple House
  • Iowa UFO Update
  • Zepplin Drops Booze On Righteous Bowl

Vol 5 #3 March '98

  • The Little People and Their Demon Ships
  • Saucer-Chaser's Plane Downed By Meteor
  • IC UFOlogist Explores Visitor-Contact Science
  • A Letter From Dr. Immelman Stahl
  • ARP Concludes Investigation of Poltergiest
  • Mediums Unite To Protect Ectoplasm Weaving Interests
  • Munterville Man Fills Wife With Cement
  • Is The Government Out To Kill You?
  • Man Mutilates Self To Save Soul
  • Woman Falls From Stars
  • I Made Love To A High Priestess
  • Notes From Cooper's Tavern II
  • Koppelmeister's Bid For Governor
  • Roman Ruins Found In Five Island Lake

Vol 5 #4 April '98

  • Sons Of Light Seek Henri Lemerchand's Body
  • Bettendorf Teens Murder Parrot
  • Missing Crewmen Emerge From Hole
  • Koppelmeister Rally Surmounts Sewer Back-Up
  • Mysterious Stealth Aircraft Seen
  • Presidential Order For UFO Investigation
  • Zoar's Cannibal Pizza Investigation
  • Pteranodons, Nazis, & Your Tax Dollars At Work!
  • Pig In Witness Protection Program
  • Iowa's Anthrax Terrorists
  • An Underground Civilization Discovered!

Vol 5 #5 May '98

  • Der Wasserbund
  • Evidence Of Life On Mars
  • IUFORN Criteria For Information
  • Animal Right Activists Protest Festival
  • Government Stooges At Third Eye Over Iowa
  • Sidewalks Used In Psycology Experiment
  • Skin-Writing On Burn-Victim
  • Record Walleye Spawn Spawns Sightings
  • The Fish Return To Hopkins Grove
  • Coupon Messages From The Dead
  • Your Government Is Trying To Kill You?
  • The Louisa County Karma Man
  • Hopkins Grove Medium To Pay Restitution

Vol 5 #6 June '98

  • Is The Government Trying To Silence Third Eye?
  • Assasination Points To Mind Control
  • Koppelmeister Fires Astrologer
  • Passionate Spring Beleaguers GvP Police
  • Jesus Barred From Redemption
  • Psychic Show Replaces Animal Atrocites
  • Heretical Cow Slaughtered
  • Flying Saucer Kills Three In Emmetsburg?
  • Lee County Yeti Update
  • Investigating Dr. Haversham
  • Wassergott To Explore Submerged Passages
  • Mr. Hont's Funeral Home

Vol 5 #7 July '98

  • Daily City Kennedy Assasinations
  • Investigator Photos Space Amoeba
  • Robot Janitor Shot By Police
  • I Should Be Dead!
  • Gas Tank Mini-Sub Vanishes!
  • Iowanism Soars At Pagan Festival
  • The Burning Man of Wapello County
  • Radio Signals From Saturn
  • Aerodyne And The Mysterious Stealth Aricraft
  • All Iowa Elvis Choir Formed
  • Asian Horror Invades Iowa's Manure Lagoons
  • Horst Wessel Arrested At Aerodyne Labs

Vol 5 #8 August '98

  • Valerie DuChamp: Traitor
  • Porno/Gun Fair Pays For Drug Testing
  • God's Wife Living In Cherokee
  • Iowa's Men In Black Overalls
  • Henri Lemarchand Found
  • Man Tunnels Under Mississippi
  • "Witch Bear" Stolen
  • Local "Psychic" Denounces TV Show
  • Fiberglas "Cotton Candy" Injures Four
  • Third Eye Publisher To Sue Koppelmeister
  • Armored Cruiser Saved By Captain's Ghost
  • Stalk Forest Group Plans Excavation
  • The K'dhor Awakes

Vol 5 Fall '98

  • Third Eye Staff Struggles With Missing Time
  • Town Fears Paisley Menace
  • Dubuque County Caverns Sealed Off
  • Conspiracy Corner III: Who Killed Lt. Q?
  • The Underground Voyage of the U-3036, Part I
  • Case Of The Stalk Forest Research Group
  • Night Of The Wereslugs

Vol 5 Winter '98

  • Underground Voyage of the U-3036, pt. II
  • UFO Noteworthies Reunite
  • Black Helicopters Bearing Board Game Return
  • Treasure Hunters Search For Spanish Gold
  • Jogger Arrested For Running With Scissors
  • Flying Saucer Terrorizes U of E Football Game
  • Hans Abbadon Nixes Action Figure Rumor
  • Mind Control Expose
  • Billionaire Donates Smut to U of E

Vol 6 Spring '99

  • Benson Arendt's Folly
  • Missing Guardsman Reappears 23 Years Later
  • Koppelmeister Update
  • Fishermen Photo Saucer
  • Emmetsburg's Only Psychic: Omar Zoloft's Zodiac Predictions!
  • Assault on P-21: Operation TAKE-DOWN
  • Iowa Eugenics Project Uncovered


  • Are the Devil's Pets In God's Country?
  • Tesla Labs Say End of the World Not Immenent
  • Morris College Professor Says Hans Abbadon Is Dead English King
  • The Very Last Report of Infernal, Pestilent & Very Revolting Book of the Damned
  • My First Day At Third Eye Over Iowa

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