The Group


  1. Clyde (member)
  2. Jay (member)
  3. Amy(leader)
  4. Ladam(leaders pet)
  5. Claire(member)
  6. Katelynn(former leader/owner)
  7. aleksis(smart different one)
  8. lealand(fast one)
  9. bull rabid (has no name)
  10. amby(youngest newest)

Appearance and factsEdit

Their usual clothing is usually black red or darker colors


He has his half flippy hair thats just above his eyebrows as he says "I CANT LIVE WITHOUT MY HAIR" as he has his known for object he loves Coffee and he loves his coffee cup. He also has some facial hair the second most out of the group.


Jays name is Jase but he hates it but as he has his ponytail he always wears a bandana. His bandana is usually black with blood raining from the top.Jay has his 5 o clock shadow as he doesnt care as people know him as the "Emo Hippie" He loves world peace but hates people (as long as Clyde) Jay teaches clyde alot. Jay usually wears a long sleave with baggy jeans.


Amy has Black blue red white and purple hair pattern. she loves piercings and wears some. her favorite is her gauges she has red and black gauges. She loves the same music like everyone else and is  not the shortest but just an inch taller than the shortest in the group. As she also wears skinny jeans or vampire like outfits. Amy is the leader in the group as she is the older sister of amber (amby).


Ladam is the skrawniest boy in the group. hes scared of alot of people and usually just hang out by amys side.Ladamn has the biggest crush on amy as amy hates everyone and no one  except group members are past friends.Ladam has short hair but always paints his face as he hates his facial looks. he is usually never saw without face paint and loves hats and as long with Jay he loves baggy everythig so he wears baggy black jean shorts.


Claire is a non-talkative girl not much is known about her because of how shy she is but she is big surprise in abunch of stuff painting fighting exc. Claire has dyed white hair and is really pale with a lip piercing and wears eye shadow also wearing vampire like stuff.


katelynn is the mist scariest and the most intimidating person in the group as each one of the group members are scared of her. She has anger issues and adhd and add. she hates it when someone mess with her friends. She found the group with the members of just her and Jay. katie usually wears skinny jeans with random shirts and needs glasses as she is tan.


Aleksis is the only african american in the group. she is aways on time and is really smart. she is loud and very perverted. she wears skinny jeans and formal shirts as she is the richest in the group. she usually bring rich people food. and picks on clyde since he is from a redneck house.


Lealand is the younger brother of Ladam as they both like amy again she hates everyone and doesnt care if they do or not. Lealand and Aleksis have a bond as Aleksis loves lealand and wants him but the status of lealand liking Aleksis back is unknown at the moment.Lealand always has bracelets and hats .

Bull Rabid

Bull rabid is crazy everyone (except katie) scared of him. he has no hair the same length and usually makes noise.he has piercings also. Bull has no name (not as anyone knows of) Bull is poorer than Clyde but Aleksis is too scared as bull is the tallest he is the toughest and wears tank tops and shorts.


Amby is new so nothing is known except she wears baggy jeans and log sleaves and bandanas and with piercings


surprise im in this haha well not exactly

Nathan has gauges and is cousins with katelynn as he has been physically attacked the most by her they still act like they are brothers and sisters as Nathan also loves coffee. Clyde and Nathan talk alot about Coffee blends. Nathan wears a skull like t-shirt he has bruises and cuts all over his arms. with flippy hair also.

The Intro Edit

the intro starts in as a person getting ready for their everyday job but as Clyde does not have a job he is awoken by yelling from his roommate yelling about the mess and the just ends up kicking Clyde out

Now the game starts with the tutorial after the tutorial you should have broke into Brandons (roommate) car after driving a bit a cutscene happens and Clyde gets pulled over and taken to jail

One free call Clyde calls His cousin and after the jail tutorial of fighting your cousin gets you out and takes you to the rest of the crew then finally you meet Nathan

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